10 Incredible Progression Fantasy Books You Must Read

Are you looking for a genre that combines the best of fantasy and adventure? Look no further than progression fantasy! In this post, we’ll explore what progression fantasy is and provide you with a list of the best books in the genre.

What is Progression Fantasy?

Progression fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy that focuses on the growth and progression of the protagonist. The protagonist often begins as a weak or inexperienced character and gradually gains strength and abilities throughout the story. This growth is usually achieved through rigorous training, honing skills, and often through the use of magic.

How is Progression Fantasy Different from LitRPG?

LitRPG is a type of progression fantasy. It focuses on characters in a game-like world that follows video game mechanics, such as leveling up, gaining experience points, and completing quests.

On the other hand, progression fantasy is broader. It also includes stories and characters set in a more traditional fantasy world and emphasizes character growth through training and practice.

Now that you have a better understanding of what progression fantasy is, let’s dive into some of the best books in the genre.

The Best Progression Fantasy Books

These are just a few of the best progression fantasy books out there. If you’re looking for more, be sure to check out subreddits such as r/ProgressionFantasy and Goodreads lists dedicated to the genre.

Cradle Series by Will WightStarting with Unsouled, this series follows the story of a young boy named Lindon who is born with a weak spirit, which makes him an outcast in his society. Lindon is determined to become a powerful warrior, and his journey to become stronger leads him on an incredible adventure.
The Stormlight Archive by Brandon SandersonThis epic fantasy series is set in a world where powerful storms sweep across the land, and the protagonist, Kaladin, is a man who has lost everything. Throughout the series, he learns how to harness his innate magical abilities and grows into a powerful warrior.
The Wandering Inn by PirateabaThis story follows the story of Erin, a young woman who finds herself transported to a fantasy world filled with monsters and magic. Erin is determined to survive and thrive in this new world, and her journey to become stronger is both exciting and inspiring.
The Traveler’s Gate Trilogy by Will WightThis trilogy follows the story of Simon, a young man who discovers he is a gifted swordsman. Simon travels to a magical city to learn more about his abilities and becomes embroiled in a dangerous conflict that threatens the world.
Mage Errant Series by John BierceThis series follows the story of Hugh, a young man who is expelled from his magical academy for breaking the rules. He sets out on a journey of self-discovery and growth, determined to hone his magical abilities and become a powerful mage.
Mother of Learning by Domagoj KurmaicThis web serial follows the story of Zorian, a mage who finds himself trapped in a time loop. Zorian must use his time-traveling abilities to become stronger and uncover the secrets of his world.
The Completionist Chronicles by Dakota KroutIn this LitRPG-inspired series, protagonist Joe learns that he has been trapped in a virtual reality game. Joe must use his skills and abilities to progress through the game and find a way out.
The Land: Chaos Seeds by Aleron KongThis LitRPG series follows the story of Richter, a man who is transported to a fantasy world filled with magic and monsters. Richter must learn how to survive and thrive in this new world, using his gaming skills to progress through the game-like mechanics of the world.
Arcane Ascension Series by Andrew RoweThis series follows the story of Corin Cadence, a young man who enrolls in a magical academy to find his missing brother. Along the way, Corin gains new magical abilities and must use them to overcome the challenges that face him.
Street Cultivation by Sarah LinThis web serial follows the story of Wei, a young man who lives in a dystopian world where martial arts reign supreme. Wei must use his skills and wits to survive in this dangerous world and grow stronger.


Progression fantasy is an exciting and growing subgenre of fantasy that offers readers thrilling adventures and inspiring stories of character growth. Whether you’re new to the genre or a seasoned fan, the books on this list are sure to provide you with hours of enjoyment. So what are you waiting for?

Grab a book and start your journey to becoming a powerful warrior today!

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