5 Fantastic Fantasy Books for Kids With Dragons

Are you searching for great fantasy books for kids with dragons? If so, here’s a list for you!

Here are five fantastic fantasy books for kids with dragons to read:

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The Dragonet Prophecy by Tui T. Sutherland


Seven dragon tribes have been at war for generations. A secret movement called the Talons of Peace is determined to bring an end to the fighting, with the help of a prophecy.

Five dragonets are enlisted, against their will, to end the terrible war. But when they escape their prison, the result may be more than intended…

What Do Readers Say?

Goodreads Rating: 4.28

Most Common Rating: 5

Positive Comments

First on our list of fantasy books for kids with dragons is Wings of Fire. Adult readers were delighted that their kids, most of whom were picky about their books, devoured this novel.

The book bristles with conflict but also rings with themes of friendship, loyalty and self-sacrifice. Moreover, the plot is full of action and hurdles to its conclusion at a breakneck pace.

Readers also loved the unique concept of the novel, which entirely revolves around dragons. They highly recommended it for any dragon-lover.

Negative Comments

If readers didn’t enjoy Wings of Fire, what did they say?

Readers remarked that the story was interesting, but felt that the characters didn’t have much depth. Whether it was the heroes or the villains, the characters didn’t evoke strong emotions from them.

However, others said that the book was unexpectedly violent for a novel aimed toward children. The story features dragon warfare and doesn’t shy away from portraying war as grisly.

However, several adult readers cited this aspect of the novel as a plus: they appreciated the artful manner in which it introduced its audience to adult themes.

Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey


It was not Threadfall that made Menolly unhappy. It was her father who betrayed her ambition to be a Harper, who thwarted her love of music.

Menolly had no choice but to run away. She came upon a group of fire lizards, wild relatives of the fire-breathing dragons.

Her music swirled about them; she taught nine to sing, suddenly Menolly was no longer alone.

What Do Readers Say?

Goodreads Rating: 4.24

Most Common Rating: 5

Positive Comments

Next on our list of fantasy books for kids with dragons is Dragonsong.

While the book is set in the Dragonriders of Pern world, it isn’t necessary to be familiar with the Pern series to enjoy this story. Readers described this heartwarming fantasy novel as a tale resonating with inspiring, universal themes.

Fans also mentioned that Menolly is a refreshing change from many of the warrior protagonists in fantasy. She’s not driven by revenge, for instance, but by a passion for music and yearning to pursue her dreams.

Negative Comments

Some readers didn’t find Dragonsong their cup of tea. These critics were mostly adult readers who said that the story wasn’t as good as recent coming of age fantasy books. In comparison to newer novels, Dragonsong struck them as a straightforward story without twists, turns or surprises.

Admittedly though, the books they referenced were targeted to adults: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, for example.

Others mentioned that Menolly’s journey to find a community that appreciates her came across as too smooth. To these readers, she earned her happy ending too easily for their satisfaction.

Finally, while Dragonsong features dragons, Menolly’s story is the main focus. Some readers expected dragons to have the spotlight and were disappointed that Menolly occupied it instead.

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende


The story begins with a lonely boy named Bastian and the strange book that draws him into the beautiful but doomed world of Fantastica.

Only a human can save this enchanted place by giving its ruler, the Childlike Empress, a new name.

But the journey to her tower leads through lands of dragons, giants, monsters, and magic and once Bastian begins his quest, he may never return.

As he is drawn deeper into Fantastica, he must find the courage to face unspeakable foes and the mysteries of his own heart. 

What Do Readers Say?

Goodreads Rating: 4.18

Most Common Rating: 5

Positive Comments

Next on our list of fantasy books for kids with dragons is The Neverending Story. This famous classic delighted readers – both children and adults – with how imaginative and engrossing it was.

The Neverending Story, fans said, transported them into its world as completely as Bastian was pulled into Fantastica. It was fast-paced, filled with intriguing mythology and led by a protagonist they enjoyed following.

Negative Comments

Almost half of The Neverending Story‘s readers rated it five stars on Goodreads. However, those who didn’t enjoy this fantasy novel cited its second part as why. While most of the story bristled with suspense, the middle lost momentum.

Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede


Cimorene is everything a princess is not supposed to be: headstrong, tomboyish, smart – and bored.

So bored that she runs away to live with a dragon – and finds the family and excitement she’s been looking for.

What Do Readers Say?

Goodreads Rating: 4.15

Most Common Rating: 5

Positive Comments

Another dragon-filled fantasy book for kids that readers loved is Dealing With Dragons. This humorous, quirky novel delights in parodying typical fantasy tropes and tales. Readers said that they found themselves grinning and laughing throughout the story.

In addition to that, fans raved about the protagonist, Cimorene. This princess-turned-dragon-captive is spunky, witty and determined to break outside the mold. Readers found her engaging, refreshing and an overall highlight throughout the novel.

Aside from that, several adult readers said that they appreciated the positive messages and themes in Dealing With Dragons. In particular, these readers thought the book was a great choice for young girls.

Negative Comments

If readers didn’t like Dealing With Dragons, what did they say? In general, critics said that the novel’s parodying of gender-based fantasy tropes was too heavy-handed.

Related to this, others thought that the novel unintentionally sent a different message than it intended. They suspected the story was meant to encourage its audience to have the bravery to resist the pressure to conform to other’s expectations. However, they said that the message instead came off as denigrating more traditionally feminine girls and women.

Dragon’s Milk by Susan Fletcher


“You must go to the dragon. You must leave tonight.” 

Before she even hears the words, Kaeldra already knows what she must do. She must search out the mother dragon whose draclings have just hatched and somehow get some of her precious milk. It’s the only way to save her foster-sister’s life.

Kaeldra would rather not go. It’s much too terrifying, much too dangerous. But Kaeldra knows that she’s the only one who can do it. For she is the only one who can actually communicate with dragons. 

But little does Kaeldra know what she’s getting into. She’s about to begin a journey that will entwine her fate with that of three little draclings and one would-be dragonslayer.

A journey the will become a struggle for life. 

What Do Readers Say?

Goodreads Rating: 3.92

Most Common Rating: 4

Positive Comments

Next on our list of fantasy books for kids with dragons is Dragon’s Milk. Readers said that this book was suitable for both kids and early teens. Its’s a light fantasy adventure that delighted readers with its fresh spin on dragon lore.

However, they also mentioned that it impressed them by being more than an action-based story: it touched on themes of friendship, persecution and fitting in.

Many readers remembered this book fondly from their teen and pre-teen years, saying it was one of the books that made them fall in love with the fantasy genre.

Negative Comments

If readers didn’t like Dragon’s Milk, what did they say? Mostly, these readers said that the plot itself was weak.

Some of them described it as being episodic, mostly consisting of Kendra running and hiding. Others said that they found the ending dissatisfying, feeling that it was resolved too easily.

Fantasy Books for Kids With Dragons

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5 Fantastic Fantasy Books for Kids With Dragons

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